Thursday, July 21, 2005

A Writing Prompt

Do you remember junior high writing classes? The teacher would put three topics on the board and you would have to choose one. You were to write an entire page about the writing prompt

I feel that I have created my own version of writing prompts. In my despair of getting back my writing "flow", I have been trying to write. . . anything. If a topic inspires me in the least bit. I will write a paragraph.

For example, a play-writing contest prompted me to think of theater scripts. A news story will inspire a letter-to-the-editor. Someone's blog will have me writing a response. I've been trying to write a review of a book. Anything to get back into writing.

I've picked up my first manuscripts that were no more than scenes with no plot. I've been trying to decide if any of the characters are worthy of a story, even a short story.

And, of course, I've been reading whatever I can. A variety of stuff, historical romance, chick-lit, fantasy, contempory, romantic suspense. sigh . . . I keep hoping for inspiration that will bring back the flow of words that I once had.

In the children's book, the Phantom Toolbooth by Norton Juster, the main character (Milo) goes off into the doldrums. In this book, the doldrums is a real place where you do nothing. . . no thinking, no moving, not even breathing. When Milo realizes his predicament, he is encouraged to think, about anything. . . about birds that swim and fish that fly. Milo's thinking gets the wheels of his car started again and gets him out of the doldrums.

I feel like Milo, in the doldrums and thinking about anything to get out, trying desparately to get my wheels moving.


Blogger Falconmyst said...

Bookmarking for more reads, surfing from Morgan Hawke's site...

6:30 AM  
Blogger Melissa Marsh said...

Olivia - the muse will come back. Just give it time. :-)

12:21 PM  
Blogger Rene said...

I have felt like that so often lately. Then all of a sudden, from out of the blue it struck. I think one thing I did was give up on writing something more marketable. My WIP takes place in the 1750's, not a real popular era for romance novels. But it is an era I adore, so perhaps the muse kicked in for that reason. As Mel said, it will come back. The more you worry about it, the worse it will get.

4:25 PM  
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