Saturday, October 15, 2005

Finding Inspiration

Finding the will and desire to write has been difficult lately.  So I have been on a search for inspiration.  Usually I find the desire by reading, but I haven’t really been in the mood to read romance or even fiction for that matter.

Talking about writing or the lack of writing sometimes helps.  Commiserating with those suffering the same malaise is often comforting but it can often have a negative affect on my struggles.

I’ll read my RWR, but lately the articles have either been geared towards new writers or published writers.  Even the PRO articles don’t feel relevant.

My latest is the RWA conference cd’s I just received.  I’ve loaded the first disc onto my iPod and I listen to it while I am working out or doing my housecleaning.  It helps.  I really haven’t learned anything new although I have learned some new ways of looking at an issue.  

I think true inspiration comes from within.  The creative ju-ju kicks into gear and sends us on our literary path.  But finding what feeds inspiration is a struggle on its own.  And it is different for everyone.  Maybe a change in a writing schedule will do it or a change of  place.  It could be a song on the radio or a poem.  Whatever it is, I think it strikes with the spontaneity of lightening.  

What inspires you to write?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

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9:19 PM  
Blogger ~~Olivia said...

Rene, I can so relate. I've been in this malaise for so long that I'm starting to question my ability.

3:31 AM  
Blogger Tess said...

My characters. They inspire me. Bug me if I don't get back to their story. That's why I find the best way to get going on my ms is just to open WriteWayPro and my ms and start reading. I get sucked into the story and inspired to fix it *g*.

When I'm actually working on a first draft I've found that plotting out several scenes in advance helps inspire me - the story kinda writes itself in my head and I just take it down.

6:25 AM  
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