Sunday, November 20, 2005


Mel's post about the year flying by made me think about how my writing time has been flying by. If I don't write everyday, I have nothing to show for that day.

Okay, that seems like a simple concept, but then if a week goes by and I haven't written anything, then I've lost a week of writing. Whoa, what's going on here? Then a week streches into two, then a it becomes a month. When was the last time I picked up my novel? How long ago? I don't even want to admit. Too long. Waaaay too long.

Darn, I have been procrastinating. Yup, procrastinating. Not doing sh~t. Not writing even the lowiest, pukiest garbage. Not even opening the word doc, or the printed pages to read what I do have written.


So, Olivia, wha'cha gonna do 'bout it? Whine and complain to everyone, or get off your fat arse and do something?

What's that saying about hard work being ten percent inspiration and ninety percent perspiration? I think I've been waiting for the inspiration to take over again. But it's not. I have to use perspiration. Have to.

I have to do something that I haven't had to do since college, study. More accurately, apply the dedication of studying. I remember college and high school bringing home my book and doing math problems on the kitchen table. I would write my essay or book report in a notepad. Then, at the end of the chapter, I had to study for the test. I would write out notecards to memorize facts. I would reread my notes.

My daughter in college carries her science book and notebook wherever she goes. Every opportunity that she has with fifteen minutes of time, she whips out her book and is doing something. My husband and I just remark that she has become a more dedicated and mature student in college than she ever was in high school.

I need that discipline today for my writing. I need to emulate my daughter (and that's a hard thing for a mom to admit) and return to college myself. I need perspiration. I will make deadlines for myself. Maybe a promise to someone else for so many written words, or whatever.
Perspiration, hard work.

Just do it


Blogger Melissa Marsh said...

Olivia, this was great. You made me think about my own writing habits and how they're so hit and miss. I haven't written anything on my novel for two weeks now. I think I might balk at the whole "studying" method just because I hate thinking of my writing that way - BUT, I also believe there are several beneficial habits to be gleaned from our years in school. I noticed that my first year of grad school, I really hit the books hard. My mind was so ready to gain new information that I absolutely loved studying. About midway into my second semester, something sort of curled up inside me and died. I didn't like having to study for tests. I didn't like always having something hovering over me every day that I needed to do. I wanted my freedom freedom to sit down and write my fiction.

That's one of the reasons (of many) that I decided not to continue on and get my PhD. I didn't like the pressure of always worrying about tests and studying for grades, etc., etc.

But perhaps I can find a nice compromise between the two with my writing. I know that I'm a lot happier, a lot more creative, and more content when I write on a consistent basis.

8:45 AM  
Blogger Rene said...

Wonderful post, Olivia. I never like to look at my writing as an obligation or work, but I'm not getting anything done. I don't think I take it as seriously as I should. Your daughter is a marvel.

8:57 AM  
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