Villa in Tuscany

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Catch A Wave

Melissa shakes her head a lot at me. I can't blame her. Every time we talk, I tell her about my newest WIP. I seem to go in fits and jerks. One day I'm bemoaning the fact I have too many projects going then I go through a spell where nothing works.

So what do you do if they are all winners in your writing mind? How do you balance the creativity? Do you focus on one until it is finished then move to the next, hoping the creativity is still there? Or do you budget your time and energy on all of them? I'm going to try to budget my writing time. I'd like to write on one project one day then move to the next. I'm hoping to keep my enthusiasm not only for my WIPs but for writing in general.

I suppose it feels like I'm surfing and I'm in the middle of a long pipeline, euphoric as I cruise the wave but knowing it will end eventually. I hope it is in a nice sandbar and the waves are still crashing so I can jump out there and catch another one, but I fear there is a shark waiting instead, eager to gobble up all of my creativity and leave me a hull.