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Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Believe In Me

To the agents and the publishers who've given me the nice rejection letter that invariably states, "World War II is a hard sell" or "we're not looking for this type of story", I have three words:

Believe in me.

That's all I ask.

I've done my homework. I've studied my craft. I've written a terrific query letter. I've written a detailed synopsis. I know all about marketing. I worked in a book publishing marketing department for two years. I have written more than 500 back cover copy blurbs for fiction and nonfiction. I have a blog. I network. I have attended writing workshops. Belonged to writing groups. Have critique partners. Entered contests. Wrote two novels - complete and finished, not drafts. I've read and read and read. I keep up on the industry. The Publisher's Lunch email lands in my inbox every single day. I read published authors' blogs. Read agents' blogs. Make deadlines for myself. Have writing friends who encourage and support me. Have a family who encourages and supports me.

I write. And I write some more.

I don't write what's hot - I write what I love.

Believe in me.

Take a chance. Read it. Start a new trend, a trend that features the Greatest Generation because that's what I, and many, many others - write about: the Greatest Generation. I write about their struggles to live in a world at war. I write about a war that drew the distinction between good and evil. I write about good triumphing over evil.

Believe in me.